New compact lifter from Arjo

Arjo maxi hoist
Arjo has developed an incredibly compact passive lifter designed to improve resident handling in care settings where space is limited.

Maxi Twin Compact is a smaller version of the popular Maxi Twin passive floor lifter and a replacement for the hugely popular Trixie Lift. The Maxi Twin Compact has a Safe Working Load of 160kg and incorporates all the main features of the larger sling lifter including the innovative twin-mast design. With its remarkably small footprint, Maxi Twin Compact provides excellent access and manoeuvrability in care environments where space is an issue.

The new compact lifter enables resident transfers to be accomplished smoothly and safely by a single carer using sound ergonomic working methods due to the unique flat Powered DPS (Dynamic Positioning System). The open design ensures eye contact between carer and resident throughout everyday routines.

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