Bengt Thorsson new CEO of Permobil
Bengt Thorsson. Credit: Scania

Following nine years as Permobil’s CEO, Job Sintorn is to step down from the position at the end of August. His successor, Bength Thorsson, will take over the role as of the 1st September 2018.

Jon Sintorn led Permobil as the company grew from a niche industry player into a global leader over the past decade, expanding its presence in Europe and the US, as well as strong growth in Asia, across a range of products including power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, seating and positioning solutions.

“I am very proud to have been part of the Permobil team and for the results that we have achieved,” commented Jon.

“We have entered new markets, added new product lines and many new features, including digitization of our products. The employees of Permobil have a big heart in everything they do for the users and customers. I am convinced that the company will maintain its user focus and continue to deliver fantastic performance.”

A key element of the company’s expansion has been through acquisition, taking on a raft of products to build its offer and market presence.

“Jon Sintorn has led Permobil during nine years of fast growth and transition. During that time, the company has increased its global footprint and grown from SEK 1 bn. to SEK 4 bn.” Martin Lundstedt

Key acquisitions the company completed include the ROHO Group in March 2015, Max Mobility in December 2017 and most recently Ottobock’s OBSS and NUTEC custom seating business lines in North America in January 2018.

Discussing Jon’s impact, Martin Lundstedt, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Permobil, commented: “Jon Sintorn has led Permobil during nine years of fast growth and transition. During that time, the company has increased its global footprint and grown from SEK 1 bn. to SEK 4 bn. in revenue, while maintaining focus on innovation and on delivering value to its customers. I am grateful for Jon’s valuable contribution and the outstanding progress Permobil has achieved during his time as CEO.”

Jon’s successor, Bengt Thorsson, joins the organisation from Dometic, a global Swedish manufacturer operating in climate, hygiene, sanitation, food and beverage sectors, where is currently President EMEA.

Commenting on the appointment, Bengt said: “I am very impressed with Permobil’s innovation capacity and the way the company delivers value to its users and customers by improving quality of life. With strong underlying demographic trends and opportunities in connectivity and digitalization, the company is well positioned for continued profitable growth. I am excited to come on board.”

Prior to his role at Dometic, Bengt spent 27 years in various roles in Scania, a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles, including most recently senior vice president of commercial operations in Europe.

Highlighting Bengt’s credentials, Martin Lundstedt finished: “Permobil has a clear strategy and plans to continue to grow in the coming years. I look forward to welcoming Bengt Thorsson to lead that journey. With his experience in global sales and operational excellence initiatives, I know that he will bring value and strong leadership to Permobil.”

According to the organisation, Jon and Bengt will work in parallel during a transition period before Bengt takes over as CEO on September 1st 2018.

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