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New market research analysing the continuous passive motion (CPM) devices market has forecasted global growth, particularly in the APAC region, with an increase in hip replacements due to an ageing population being a key driver globally.

What are CPM devices?

Used at the first stages of rehabilitation following traumas and soft tissue medical procedures, CPM devices are used to ensure proper motion of limb, particularly, of the leg or arm.

The devices, which can be used in hospitals, nursing facilities, long-term care centres and domestic households, aim to increase the mobility of affected joints by using continuous and repeated motions in a structed range to assist in recovery.

Global growth

The research, Continuous Passive Motion Devices Market: 2017 – 2025, highlights that the devices are in greater demand because of their wide range of applications in various fields including children, bariatric patients and for reconstruction from joint surgery such as knee and hip replacements.

Reviewing market activity from 2012 to 2017, the analysis found that the market is largely dominated by knee joints and received increased investment by the government organisations globally.

According to the research, around 37.3 million falls which require medical attention are recorded each year and with an ever-increasing ageing population, the market is predicted to see further investment and growth.

Costs restraining home care adoption

Importantly, the report underlined that the cost of CPM devices has restrained wide adoption of the devices, particularly in the home care market, pointing out that a key focus will be on manufacturers and providers to reduce price points in the next seven years.

Where in the world…

Currently, North America and Europe hold the highest share of the market, due to higher number of joint reconstruction therapy. This is driven by higher numbers of people suffering from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in these regions, with an estimated 75 million people affected in Europe, the US and Japan.

The condition is a leading cause of fractures amongst the elderly.

Interestingly, the researched reported that Europe has the highest percentage of geriatric population (25%) in world, which in turn witnesses highest demand, thus being positioned as a major market for continuous passive motion devices. Asia Pacific is expected to witness lucrative growth due to highest prevalence of falls recorded in the region, according to WHO factsheet 2018.

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