The new Liko Sabina 200 raising device

Liko Sabina
Simple, reliable and effective – the new Liko Sabina 200 raising device from Hill-Rom provides a cost effective solution to help people who require assistance with standing. Common situations where the Sabina 200 can assist both patient and carer include positioning in, and transferring from chairs, wheelchairs, beds and toilets.

For community use, the cost-effective Sabina 200 is manufactured in powder-coated steel and represents excellent value for loan stores. This Sabina 200 has an impressive 160kg lift capacity, an adjustable lifting arch to ensure specific user comfort and flexible base width setting.

Its lifting function and anchor points are close to the patient's centre of gravity which results in smooth, steady movement from sitting to standing and vice versa. This stable, customised support is further enhanced by the use of Liko's wide range of Sit-to-stand vests, Seat straps and Side supports.


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