Wheellator sees Green Trousers as a good fit

In our March issue, we wrote that Finnish manufacturer Tukimet was searching for a UK distributor for their innovative product, the Wheellator. The call was answered by industry newcomer Green Trousers and Managing Director David Lynch, who will now exclusively sell the device in the UK.

Designed to encourage mobility and give confidence to those who want to walk but tire quickly, the Wheellator is a rollator/wheelchair hybrid capable of transforming from one to the other. The device can be used as a normal rollator, supporting a user to walk, however, can also become a wheelchair if the user becomes fatigued.

The new online retailer first discovered the Wheellator after reading the March article and promptly got in touch with the manufacturer, seeing the opportunity to fill an area the company is keen to grow.

David told us: "With Green Trousers being a fairly new venture, we’ve are on the lookout for products that are more tailored to the private market and end users. We’ve got patient hoist equipment and bathing equipment in abundance, but we really want to introduce more mobility products that will really give our end-users and their family members’ the chance to live. We identified the Wheellator as being a product that could deliver that.”

The Wheellator can already be found on the Green Trousers website, which they are promoting, however, David is also keen to try a different approach to selling the unique product.

"My understanding is that there is nothing like it available on the market, so on this occasion, we also want to explore business to business,” explained David. "We really want to try and find out if mobility retailers see this as an interesting product and as a product their customers will take on.”

Having taken on the Klip2Lift product in February and now the Wheellator, Green Trousers has proven to be willing to exclusively sell original and different products and the company is still searching for new suppliers.

"We are currently looking for more products in the aids for daily living category and would be really interested to hear from suppliers in that area. We are always looking out something a little unique, like the Wheellator, as well as products that are able to offer good margins,” said David.

Since launching in late 2016, Green Trousers has seen strong sales growth, with turnover increasing 300% within the last five months. David discussed how important marketing had been to that success.

"I think a lot of it is down the digital activities and online marketing we do. For example, last month we got Matt Hampson, the ex-England rugby player who is also disabled, to write a blog for us as a site ambassador about equipment and travelling. It received over 5000 hits in a just couple of days, really driving good traffic onto the site.”

To find out more about Green Trousers, visit www.greentrousers.com