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Credit: Derby Telegraph

The son of a woman who was killed in a collision in Derby is calling for new measures and standards to be introduced to assess whether people have the ability to ride a mobility scooter.

On 1st July, Mary Parker died following a collision with a car while she was riding her mobility scooter home after doing some shopping.

Her son, Darrel Parker, 41, is calling for stricter measures need to be put into place regulating who can buy scooters as well as a driving test to assess people’s ability to ride a mobility scooter.

He told the Derby Telegraph: “I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what our family has gone through over the last few weeks and because of that I think something needs to be done to make these scooters safer.

“It is a difficult one, as mobility scooters are there for people who have disabilities and can’t walk very far. I remember my mum being so excited when she got her scooter.”

He added that he was concerned about mobility scooters being allowed on the road without the owner having a driving license.

“Anyone could get one,” he continued. “I think there should be some sort of test which measures whether people have the ability to ride them.

“These last few weeks have just been horrible, to lose your mum leaves you feeling so empty and I really don’t what anyone else to feel like this.

“I just hope the government do more to change the law and make it safer for everyone.”

Scooter safety has seen lots of coverage recently, with Fish Insurance discussing the idea of introducing standard assessment and Ableworld calling for tighter laws surrounding mobility scooters.

Darrel’s comments follow on from a recent ruling made by Assistant Coroner Louise Pinder around the laws on buying mobility scooters.

Louise confirmed that she was going to lobby Transport Secretary Chris Grayling on a change in legislation after pensioner William Pealing was also involved in a separate accident while on a mobility scooter, partly leading to his death.

Discussing points about involving medical professionals in assessing fitness to drive a scooter, Louise also spoke about having a certificate referenced before a mobility aid can be purchased.

In addition, according to the Derby Telegraph, hundreds of people took part in its poll about whether the law on purchasing mobility scooters should be changed, with a staggering 85 percent agreeing that something needed to be done.

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