Bio-Rite services continues to expand

Bio-Rite has announced it is now covering Nottingham and Lincolnshire, with Nick Saxby joining the company to offer its comprehensive range of decontamination services to care homes and hospitals in the region.


Nick Saxby commented: "My background is in medical sales and I have more than two decades of experience supplying the NHS and private establishments. The prevention of cross-contamination is a daily concern to all healthcare workers. I am now looking forward to working with infection control staff and care home managers to address the threat from common infections such as MRSA, C.Difficile and Norovirus.


"Bio-Rite is one of the few companies in the UK that is able to offer the range of products and services that are needed to ensure an infection free healthcare environment,” continues Saxby. " By using the best practices involved with both manual and mechanical disinfection techniques we can decontaminate whole wards, communal areas, an entire hospital or just a single room in a care home. We can also provide staff with the necessary training to use our products as part of preventative measures against potential future outbreaks in combination with a specific, but flexible programme.


"Bio-Rite offers UV decontamination and 3D hydrogen peroxide vapour for area decontamination,” explains Saxby. "In addition, we supply community care equipment decontamination and recycling plus a mattress decontamination service. Our mobile operation also allows used care equipment to be decontaminated safely and effectively on-site in a specially designed hydrogen peroxide chamber housed within an adapted vehicle. Rapid turn-around means mattresses and equipment can be returned to the hospital or care home on the same day, optimising the use of valuable resources and protecting patients.


"Bio-Rite’s services are specifically tailored to the needs of each of our customers and designed to help fight the spread of potentially life-threatening disease.”

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