Patent pending wheelchair looks for partnerships

A young design student from the Royal College of Art at London's Imperial College has developed an innovative new manual wheelchair system that is aiming to revolutionise how users steer and are looking for partnerships to bring it to the market.

Designed by Reto Togni, the Reagiro wheelchair uses a patent pending, fully mechanical steering system that allows users to manoeuvre the wheelchair through upper body movement rather than through breaking and pushing.

The Reagiro’s laterally tiltable backrest pivots left and right with the user's movements and are linked to a front axle which travels in the same direction.

Being able to alter direction via tilting the upper body rather than the traditional breaking and pushing should offer users a range of benefits according to Reto, such as requiring users to exert less energy to steer, relieving pressure on hands and helping to stimulate core muscles.

The designer has said that these benefits are still in the hypothetical stage at the moment and will be examined in more detail in a clinical trial in the near future.

The Reagiro needs funding to be able to introduce the product to a consumer market and is actively looking for partnerships.

To find out more, visit the website HERE