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Really Useful Stuff
According to the team at Really Useful Stuff, their new website aims to make life just a little easier.

Really Useful Stuff is bringing competition and improved selection to the independent living marketplace with a comprehensive website featuring product information along with customer reviews and ratings.

"We are different because we are product focused – we don’t focus on impairment type and we don’t offer advice,” said Really Useful Stuff CEO Kay Allen OBE.

"We believe we can bring greater choice and fantastic design ideas all in one place. The site will be accessible and mobile-enabled – so you can shop on the move,” she said.

Really Useful Stuff’s website ( is a marketplace to make life easier for disabled and older people. In fact, anyone who's looking for well-designed products that make life easier.

The company finds really useful stuff, then showcases it on their shopping platform and makes it even better by adding user-friendly product information and product ratings.

"We are brand new and on the look-out for great ideas so we would like people to get in touch through our website and share any product ideas they have. We are starting out small but have big plans to grow,” says Allen

The website will take the pain out of e-commerce for both suppliers and disabled entrepreneurs.

It will give them control and support to add their goods and services into what we hope will become the UK’s largest online marketplace for independent living products.

"However, Really Useful Stuff is not an advice site - there are plenty of other websites out there giving good advice and doing it well. Our website is not all about medical equipment either, for example we will be featuring some fantastic but easy to wear jewellery and some great general gadgets," Allen said.

The website strives to create an online community where people can share tips and product reviews. It’s about finding products that are well designed and look great, she said.

"The UK needs to open up the independent living market to competition and introduce a bit of style,” Allen said.

"We need to empower disabled people as consumers and improve product choice. There is a real need to get better product design out into the marketplace,” she said.

It’s also about giving something back. Really Useful Stuff is powered by the innovative Xperedon charity fundraising platform ( and 1% of every purchase is donated to charity.

Noted entrepreneur James Caan said Really Useful Stuff’s website is just what the independent living market needs.

"Now people can see for themselves, quickly and easily, all in one place, what products are available from what suppliers at what price. There’s nothing like full disclosure to stoke the fires of competition,” Caan said.

The UK has more than 11 million disabled people. Demographers project that more than half the UK population will be older than 50 by 2020.

Allen said, "it’s often difficult for many disabled and older people, and their families, to find products for making life easier. The new website will help people browse and ‘bump into’ great ideas that might be able to help them", she said.

"Good product design does exist – the challenge is products are not always easy to find in one easy-to-search online shop,” Allen said.

The Really Useful Stuff website is HERE