Rifton HTS offers children improved hygiene

Clos-o-Mat has developed a bespoke, clip-on version of the Rifton Hygiene & Toileting System (HTS), enabling the seat to be used with the company’s Palma Vita wash & dry toilet.

The new version of the Rifton can accommodate children between 42” to 56” inches tall, allowing them to benefit from the hygiene inherent a wash& dry toilet without having to invest in a full wheel system the HTS.

Robin Tuffley, Marketing Manager at Clos-o-Mat, commented: "As a company, we have an ethos of optimising life for everyone and appreciate the need to accommodate everyone’s needs, regardless of age and size, as well as appreciating budgetary constraints.”

The Rifton HTS toilet-top uses a unique bracket system engineered to clip onto the Palma Vita. Once the clip-on seat is secured into position, the Palma Vita can be used as a conventional WC or used to wash and dry the user after toileting. After use, the device can be unclipped so other members of the family can use the WC and wiped down with a cloth if required.

The clip-on Rifton HTS also complements the company’s paediatric support range.

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