WheelAIR’s Corien Staels delivers TEDx Talk in Glasgow University

Corien Staels, the young entrepreneur who created and brought the WheelAIR cooling backrest cushion to the market, recently delivered an engaging TEDx Talk at the University of Glasgow, asking listeners to take a moment and imagine life from the perspective of someone with a disability.

In her "Press Pause to Begin” talk, Corien discusses having never taken a moment to imagine this herself until her first meeting with her university dissertation tutor who was a paraplegic.

The CEO of Staels Designs explained it was this chance meeting that started her WheelAIR journey and inspired her to produce the innovative cushion to tackle the issue of overheating experienced by those with spinal cord injuries.

Using inbuilt fan technology, the WheelAIR cools a user’s back and reduces the core temperature as well, reducing excess moisture and heat, resulting in more comfort and better-regulated temperature control.

Highlighting her obliviousness to the problem of overheating, Corien asked the audience how many other problems exist that haven’t been considered.

In the talk, she said: "I find myself thinking, if this is such a huge, unaddressed issue and I’m fully unaware of it, then what other issues are there out there that I am fully unaware of and, most importantly, what other issues need urgent solving?”

Raising awareness of the daily struggles faced by those with mobility needs, Corien underlines that if everyone took a moment to look at life from a disabled person’s shoes, it could help spark greater understanding, innovation and potentially inspire more people to improve the lives of millions with disabilities.

TEDx is an international community that organizes TED-style events around the globe, celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage. The events are produced independently of TED conferences, with each event curating speakers on their own but operating under TED's format and rules.

Watch the full talk below :

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