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Nicholas Askew, Owner of Mobility at Home, has broken his silence after the shop closed without warning.

Reassuring his customers, he explained that the business is still trading, despite the note in the retailer’s shop window saying that it is the subject of county court action.

Although the shop has been closed down by enforcement officers, Nicholas told the Derby Telegraph that it has all been a “mix up” and that the business is still running.

According to the Derby Telegraph, a manufacturer delivered goods to the store but Nicholas failed to pay for them. However, Nicholas disputes this and said that he did not order the goods and has sent them back.

High court and civil enforcement company Elliot Davies sent a letter to Mobility at Home’s bosses, which was posted on the shop’s windows earlier this week.

It reads: “Please be advised that under Schedule 12, paragraph 13 (1) of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, these premises have been secured so the goods inside may be auctioned on site.

“Anyone who holds an interest in this premises or the goods contained within, should contact the Enforcement Agent.”

The letter added that it is a criminal offence to remove any goods from the property.

Nicholas commented: “The biggest impact of this closure is our customers are losing faith in us – as well as confidence – and that’s not on.

“We are in the process of contacting all our customers who are affected by the closure to let them know what is happening, but it’s taking a little bit of time as we have 4,000 people on our books.

“But we are still active, we still have our vans out servicing and repairing scooters, it is just the retail unit that is out of action.

“Everyone who has made orders with us, anyone who has a service plan or warranty plan with us will be fulfilled.”

He also confirmed that the company is in the process of acquiring a new central Derby shop.

First opened in 1982, Mobility at Home sells a variety of products including wheelchairs, mobility scooters, stairlifts, powerchairs and rise & recline chairs.

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