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Tanyalee Davis Pride Mobility imageAfter being humiliated on a recent train journey, comedian and disability activist Tanyalee Davis was given a new Jazzy Zero Turn scooter from Pride Mobility.

Tanyalee has been in the media a lot recently after a train operator asked her to move from the disabled space on a train to let a lady with a pram onto the train instead.

She told the BBC that she was “harassed and humiliated” for using her mobility scooter in the disabled space on the Great Western Railway service, adding that the guard made an announcement that she was causing issues which had delayed the train.

Additionally, the guard threatened to call the police if she did not move.

“It was humiliating and I cried for most of the journey home,” Tanyalee said. “I don’t know what it is about this country, they really make you feel disabled. Just because I use a mobility scooter it doesn’t make me a pariah, it doesn’t make me less disabled.”

The comedian has since been campaigning for equal rights for scooter users under the hashtag #scootergirlcampaign and has been on both local and national TV discussing the topic.

Upon hearing her story, Pride Mobility offered Tanyalee to come to the company’s headquarters and meet the team, where they took the measurements of her current seat in order to offer her a free scooter upgrade.

Nycole Scourfield, Digital Marketing Executive at Pride Mobility, told THIIS: “We have been in contact with Tanyalee for many years as she is a long-serving customer of ours.

“When the story came out about her problem on the train, the videos and the press featured a lot of videos of her on her old scooter, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see if she’d be interested in upgrading her scooter.”

After getting in contact with her, Tanyalee visited Pride Mobility where she spent the afternoon with the company and tested out some of its products, added Nicole.

“We got her measurements and decided we were going to give her a free upgrade to the Jazzy Zero Turn because of its turning capacity as we thought it would be ideal for her to negotiate small spaces and give her a power boost compared to what she was previously driving.

“She’s a really great person and she’s doing a really great thing with her #scootergirlcampaign, we’re completely behind her.”

Pride Mobility delivered the scooter to Tanyalee’s home in Norwich the following week.

Tanyalee Davis Pride Mobility image

Tanyalee Davis commented: “I have been a proud Pride scooter user for 30 years.

“I love that the scooters have the durability, longevity and compactness that I require. Their scooters can be taken apart easily and fit in the boot of most cars.

“I have the new Jazzy Zero Turn scooter, which is great. It’s a zero-turn which is very helpful when traveling on public transportation or in cramped spaces. My favourite new feature is the USB port because I am always running down my phone battery.

“I highly recommend Pride mobility; their customer service is also exceptional!”

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