Scooterpac Trade Days Josh Coles
Winner winner: DMS Ltd’s Tracy with Josh Coles

Having spent two days showcasing an innovative range of products to mobility dealers and even giving away a set of keys for its unique Cabin Car to lucky winner DMS Ltd, Scooterpac’s marketing manager Josh Coles caught up with THIIS to talk Trade Days, UK production and product innovation.

What did Scooterpac aim to get out of Trade Days?

“As we do not have reps on the road, for us, Trade Days was about seeing existing customers first and foremost, as it allowed us to maintain and build those important relationships.

“Secondly, the show gave us a chance to give product demonstrations to dealers, which are so important when you are showing products that are different.

“I think being able to have that contact and the opportunity to really showcase the products are the positives of Trade Days.

“We understand that dealers are very busy and usually do not have the time to look through all the information we send out about product improvements, such as the changes we have made to our Canopy, so having that time to take them through it on the stand is valuable.”

How important is it for dealers to get hands-on with the products?

“Tremendously so, for both them and us. They can test the products out, ask questions, raise concerns and receive immediate answers. On the other hand, it is a chance for us to hear the feedback from dealers and understand their concerns, which is hard to gleam without that human interaction.

“As we sell a small range of innovative products, it makes this all the more important. We only sell three products, which may become four by next year, however, we are staying tight-lipped about that.”

Can you give anything about the new product away?

“It is in development at the moment and, again, is something different that will look to certainly solve a gap in the market. It is one to watch out for.”

What makes your products unique to others in the industry?

“Our Splash, which we showcased on both days, looked different to anything else at the show and grabbed a lot of visitor attention as well. It is colourful, vibrant and I believe has that wow factor.”

Trade Days stand at Scooterpac

Are you currently searching for new dealers?

“We really are always looking for new dealers and whilst we always look for nationwide, we are also conscious about ensuring we have a dealer network that is fair for all dealers. By that, I mean we want to make sure people are not treading on each other’s toes, whilst also making sure we have a good amount of coverage.

“For us, it is about the relationship working for all parties involved.”

What is the ideal Scooterpac dealer?

“Due to the nature of our products, the ideal Scooterpac dealer is someone who is willing to be a bit daring and take a bit of a punt of something new.

“This is particularly the case with our Cabin Car, which looks unique and has very innovative features but also is not a cheap product. It requires a bit more selling, but, as we all know, the sales that require a little more effort can be a lot more rewarding.

“It is a high-ticket item so if a dealer sells one or two, they can really enjoy some good margins.

“Also, it is assembled in the UK, which is great to be able to tell dealers. The fibreglass body and shell were moved from China to the UK and we are now working with a fairly local fibreglass specialist.”

Why was the decision taken to move it back to the UK?

“For control and quality. It allows us to have more knowledge on what we have in and we are able to ensure quality is being maintained far easier. So that is what Scooterpac has been working on over the last few months and we are seeing these new models coming through.

“It helps us control our lead times and dealers and end-users receive a better quality of product.”

How do you try and help support your dealers with their sales?

“There are a number of means, such as marketing and point of sale materials, that we send out and continue to send out. We are also investing in creating up to date videos for dealers to use on websites and social media, up to date information and really all the content they need.

“Another element is demo days, which we will be doing more of in the near future and again, coming back to that human element of the dealer/supplier relationship.

“We are exporting our products and it is an area that is growing but our priority is being faithful and giving good customer service to our dealers domestically so they can continue to offer the customer service they need to deliver to their customers.”

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