Following The Mobility Aids Centre’s announcement of achieving its highest year of turnover in over three decades and the role selling TGA products played in the Peterborough-based growth, Tim Ross, National Sales Manager at TGA Mobility, caught up with THIIS at the first day of Trade Days to discuss dealer success, branding and wider purchasing considerations.

Dealers have been seeing considerable success with TGA products recently, why is that?

I think nowadays there is a huge amount of choice on the market but we invest a considerable amount of time and resources into making sure our products are reliable at source and not just dealing with resolving technical issues and short term fixes on an ongoing basis which of course is also needed. If a product does go wrong, making sure the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently at source is vital. Our total focus and experience on supplying just mobility products as a specialist make this easier.

“We have various people in our quality team who communicate extremely well with our suppliers and the products really do get improved.

“The fact that we are a strong player on the Motability scheme in a busy market shows that Motability and customers like the products and a lot of that popularity is down to the reliability.

“We have worked really hard to have a strong brand and as time goes on, we are looking to work with dealers that have the same approach as us.” Tim Ross

“We also give a lot of attention to how products look and aesthetics do matter to end-users. They expect functionality but they want style and that is what we want to deliver.

“We have long-standing relationships with all our manufacturers and work closely with them to drive improvements, whereas other companies that do not have these strong established relationships may struggle to instigate change.

“Our Minimo Plus 4 is a great example of that and we like to think it is one of the best folding scooters on the market because it does what people want them to do and is very comfortable.”

With so much competition in the market, how important is it to have a strong brand?

“It is absolutely vital and another reason why we are doing well in the market. A lot of the marketing we do drives customers into dealers’ shops. There is a choice for customers and as the market continues to grow, there is confusion about what to buy. If they are hearing about the brand and how well it is performing, they are naturally going to inquire about it.

“We have worked really hard to have a strong brand and as time goes on, we are looking to work with dealers that have the same approach as us. Firstly, those who appreciate our brand and the value it brings, as well as those who can look after the brand.

“We have a reputation and if someone buys a product and it goes wrong, it is often the brand that people will wag a finger at. It is important that we have dealers that are able to offer that aftercare service that is representative of the TGA brand.

“In the near future, we are really going to review our dealer network and looking to grow our business with those retailers.

“Importantly, assessment is an essential aspect of us working with a dealer. Those who understand what customers want and listen to customers so they sell the right product for the right need. Then having that aftersales expertise, such as being able to service and repair is absolutely critical.”

Would you say the industry is more price driven now or are considerations around functionality and aftersales service playing a larger role in consumers’ purchasing decisions?

“Value with the best price will always be important. However, I believe that many dealers and users who have bought cheaply in the past are now struggling… with factors such as reliability or supply of spares if a company is no longer around. With the mobility scooter market growing as it is and more information coming to light, these customers are now looking beyond just price and are becoming a lot more aware of all the other considerations.”

To find out more about TGA and its range of products, visit Stand TB40 at Trade Days

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